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Aug. 13th, 2008

(no subject)

My new fanfiction!!

Title:Same Old Love Story

Summary:Bella meets Edward on summer break in California.She thinks she'll never see him again.boy was she wrong! 



Jun. 24th, 2008

I wrote this song for new moon!

You sped up my heart beat 
made me blush 
you cared about me, but.... 

When you stopped talking to me 
something inside me told me 
that something was wrong 

We went for a walk 
just to talk 
you said you were bored of me 
said you didnt love me 
I took it all in at once 
then you were gone 
You said you loved me 
you said you'd protect me 
then you went away 
and now im all alone 

without you, my heart is breakin 
without you, I feel so numb 
without you, where did my other half go? 

Im sorry for putting the song in the post I just dont know how to link!

Apr. 18th, 2008

Writer's Block: Outta My Way!

Have you ever experienced road rage?
Yes, i got in car accident with my dad.

My boring life except for yesterday!!!

I know no one ever reads post from me so I'm just going to write about my stupid boring life. So I have a whole lot of drama this week with my ex-friend Sam (was my best friend before this happened). So the other day at school I told her i got the second book in the vampire diaries series and she flipped out saying she had to borrow it. So I said she could after I read it and she got so pissed at me and started cussing at me ( she gets pissed off really easily). So her and my friend Meredith got mad at me because of itMeredith is a follower to Sam  she will do anything for her ,even get pissed at me,I think  Meredith was brainwashed by Sam. So after all that happened I called my friend Kendall and told her the whole story (including the cuss words) and she wasn't mad at me and thought exactly  what I thought that Sam should just go out and buy her own book. So Kendall  asked if I was ok and i of course said yes not wanting to make her feel bad. So today At school I just totally ignored her and so know we are no longer friends. THE END!!! Did I mention that this was over a freaking BOOK!!!!

Mar. 29th, 2008

Writer's Block: No Laughing Matter

What do you think is too serious to joke about?

Mar. 20th, 2008

(no subject)

 Hello!!! I just got back from my trip to Telluride,Colorado.It was so much fun and guess where we had to stop to get there!!! Phoenix,Arizona!!! So cool right i was sooo excited because now I know what the airport bella flew out of looks like . So i went skiing and on the first day i did fall alot.I felt like Bella because I was so clumsy.

Feb. 25th, 2008

(no subject)

 What song or songs do think are perfect for Edward or Bella or Alice and so on??????????

Feb. 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

 Hello!!!!!!So im at my dads house w/ my stepsis and i am sooooo bored and please will some one comment on my poem please!!!!!!!!

Feb. 17th, 2008

(no subject)

This is a little something i came up with and I hope you like it.Please comment!!Please don't criticize because I am new at this.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Cool hard cutie, 
brown haired beauty. 
Pale shiny skin, 
makes my head spin. 
Edward and Bella, 
the great girl and the handsome fella.


 I just wrote this because I think it might be good.Just  please comment!!!!!!!

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